36,000+ Game Hard Drive Backup

36,000+ Game Hard Drive Backup

Give yourself a piece of mind and keep your new arcade safe with my OEM game/ROM backup hard drive. This internal hard drive includes all 36,000+ games and 62 total gaming systems included with your Cerus, Spartan or Ares model arcade. If your ROM drive ever fails, simply swap out the internal hard drive and you're all set.


NOTE: This hard drive includes backup ROM/Game files only & will only be sold to existing customers who own their respective arcades. This drive does not include any backup(s) of your arcades operating system, front end, emulators or game settings.



    • Includes 36,000+ Games amongst 62 total gaming systems
    • Only for use with the Cerus, Spartan or Ares arcade
    • 2TB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive
  • All back up drives purchased along with an arcade will ship along with your main arcade order. Otherwise, backup drives ship within 5 business days after purchase.


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