RetroPie NES Game Console Kit - Raspberry Pi 3b, 128GB MicroSD
  • RetroPie NES Game Console Kit - Raspberry Pi 3b, 128GB MicroSD

    Ready to relive the golden age of console and arcade gaming - AT HOME? My RetroPie NES game console kit is the answer for anyone looking for a small, plug-n-play gaming setup that you can use with your own TV - no setup needed. Simply connect both the included HDMI cable to your TV then the consoles power supply to an outlet and you're ready to play.


    This all-in-one RetroPie kit includes a vast library of over 26,000+ total games, ranging from all your favorite original arcade titles to the most popular handheld and console games for systems such as the Nintendo Game Boy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis. If you're looking for an endless amount of entertainment for you and the family, you've found it.


    Check out the GAME LIST section below for a complete list of game titles featured on this arcade.



      • Customized RetroPie/Emulation Station front end menu
      • NESPi Case+ Plus (NES style Raspberry Pi 3 enclosure with functional safe shutdown and reset buttons)
      • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Quad Core 64 Bit
      • 128GB MicroSD Card for OS & Game Storage featuring over 26,000 Games
      • Includes 1 x wired SNES 8-button USB controller with dual analog joysticks
      • Built-in 802.11n WiFi (for uploading your own ROMS via FTP)
      • Built-in Bluetooth (for setting up and using your own compatible BT style wireless controllers)
      • HDMI Video/Audio Output (HDMI cable is included)
      • 5V Power Supply included
    PriceFrom $369

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