The Praetorian | 2-Player Mini Bartop Arcade
  • The Praetorian | 2-Player Mini Bartop Arcade

    The Praetorian all-in-one mini bartop arcade marks the base tier of my powerful PC-based multicades. Why build a PC inside my machines? The answer is simple - building a Windows-based PC into my machines allows me to add more available systems and give you more games to play. The Praetorian's vast library of over 31,000+ total games not only includes thousands of retro arcade games but also thousands of console games for systems such as the Atari Jaguar, NEC TurboGrafx and the Sega Saturn. This machine also features a custom and exclusive HyperSpin front end menu system which makes browsing and playing your games both fun and incredibly easy to do.


    Check out the GAME LIST section below for a complete list of game titles featured on this arcade.




      • Completely custom HyperSpin front end gaming menu system
      • Free custom-designed vinyl wrap/artwork included
      • Built-in 19" LED LCD monitor
      • Intel Core i5 Processor with Authentic Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System
      • 4GB System RAM
      • Integrated Graphics Processor
      • 2TB 7200 RPM Storage Drive
      • 11-Watt RMS 2.0 Audio System
      • 6-button per player control panel
      • Front mounted Coin, Start, Enter & Exit admin buttons
      • 4/8-way switchable ZIPPYY cocktail style joysticks
      • LED back-lit Marquee
      • Front mounted on/off power switch
      • Rear USB input
      • Built in 802.11n Wireless Adapter
      • 3/4" Maple Plywood construction
      • 2 x front & rear accessible maintenance panels
      • Includes wireless keyboard and mouse
    PriceFrom $1,949

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