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PAID IN FULL: 4-5 weeks


25% DEPOSIT: 13 Weeks
50% DEPOSIT: 11 Weeks
75% DEPOSIT: 9 weeks

* The above listed estimated build start dates are best estimates only, based on the information available at the time and are subject to change without notice.

Current new order PRODUCTION ETA

Every arcade system I offer is completely customizable and made-to-order. Current production times are based on an orders payment method as well as the number of arcades/orders currently in line. Please view below to estimate new order lead time based on your desired amount of payment.

Production ETA FAQ

Production FAQ
  • How easy are your arcades to set up?
    There's nothing to it. Just plug it in, turn on and start reliving the golden years of gaming. Our arcade systems take only about 15 seconds or less from startup to load into our custom menu where you can browse and select any included game title.
  • Do your included games play just like the original games do?
    Yes, the titles are emulated and use the exact same coding as the original arcades. This essentially allows the titles to play just like how you remember they did. Even the glitches and cheats on those classic arcade games still work. For example, if you used a pattern to avoid the ghost in Pac-man it works on our arcades. Know the spot to sit in Centipede where you'll never die? Sit there and rack up the high score just like the original.
  • Can you pre-install my favorite arcade games?
    Odds are with our gigantic game library, your favorite titles are most likely included. However if not, we can usually find and install a title if it's dear to your heart.
  • Can I add more games to your machines later?
    All my arcades are 100% expandable. Depending on your arcades remaining hard drive storage space, games can absolutely be added to expand your playable library within the scope of current ROM/emulator compatibility. Adding games to my tabletop game box arcades is as easy as dragging and dropping your new game files into the correct folder. Adding games to my PC based arcades is a little more difficult and will require knowledge of the HyperSpin/RocketLauncher program on your end to complete this task.
  • What happens if my games stop working?
    In the unlikely event you have a problem with your arcade game system or games, please email us for support.
  • What are the dimensions of the arcade?
    Each arcades dimensions are listed in the product page under the section labeled DIMENSIONS.
  • How much do your arcades weigh?
    Each arcades weight is listed in the product page under the section labeled DIMENSIONS.

Playtime Custom Arcades Production FAQ

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