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Other services offered questions

Can I buy just a pre-configured hard drive or PC with your software and games installed?

Short answer, no. I do not and will not sell pre-configured PC's, memory cards, or hard drives. If you're looking to either fix an existing multicade or build your own please look elsewhere for software.

I want a specially designed arcade cabinet unlike what you have on your site - can you help?

Unfortunately, due to current time constraints, I cannot offer any specially designed or customized systems outside of what I currently offer on my website.

I have an arcade that was built by another company. Can you help fix or provide tech support for it?

No. Although all multicade arcade machines may seem alike, there are far too many complexities involved to offer assistance to fix or support an arcade produced by another company.

General Playtime Arcades™ questions

How easy are your arcades to set up?

There's nothing to it. Just plug it in, turn on and start reliving the golden years of gaming. Our arcade systems take only about 15 seconds or less from startup to load into our custom menu where you can browse and select any included game title.

Do your included games play just like the original games do?

Yes, the titles are emulated and use the exact same coding as the original arcades. This essentially allows the titles to play just like how you remember they did. Even the glitches and cheats on those classic arcade games still work. For example, if you used a pattern to avoid the ghost in Pac-man it works on our arcades. Know the spot to sit in Centipede where you'll never die? Sit there and rack up the high score just like the original.

Can you pre-install my favorite arcade games?

Odds are with our gigantic game library, your favorite titles are most likely included. However if not, we can usually find and install a title if it's dear to your heart.

What happens if my games stop working?

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your arcade game system or games, please email us for support.

What are the dimensions of the arcade?

Each arcades dimensions are listed in the product page under the section labeled DIMENSIONS.

How much do your arcades weigh?

Each arcades weight is listed in the product page under the section labeled DIMENSIONS.

Can I add more games to your machines later?

All my arcades are 100% expandable. Depending on your arcades remaining hard drive storage space, games can absolutely be added to expand your playable library within the scope of current ROM/emulator compatibility. Adding games to my tabletop game box arcades is as easy as dragging and dropping your new game files into the correct folder. Adding games to my PC based arcades is a little more difficult and will require knowledge of the HyperSpin/RocketLauncher program on your end to complete this task.

Game/software/hardware questions

How can you offer so many games on your arcades? Are these just unlicensed game ROMs?

We're able to provide thousands upon thousands of game titles via the arcades large internal hard drive. The non-profit Internet Archive, the largest internet library, has a huge collection of thousands of original classic arcade games free for download, which is where we've source all of our included game titles.

What if I want to play games requiring special controls like a trackball, spinner, or light gun?

All of my systems include a handful of games that may require the use of a specialized controller like a light gun, trackball, or spinner. Each arcade model I offer can be customized and upgraded to have these types of controls included. Want to play Missile Command? Add a trackball to your system. Want to play Arkanoid? Add a spinner. Want to play House of the Dead? Just add a light gun. It's as easy as that.

Why do you include high-end PC's inside most of your arcades?

The vast majority of our arcade systems include an internal PC at the heart of the machine. The reason why we use PC's to run our arcade software is due to the sheer power and flexibility that PC's bring to the table with emulating both old and new game titles. As you may know, all PC's are not created equal. Many other arcade manufacturers will give you older, less advanced internal PC's to save them money. Sure, they may squeak by performance-wise and you may pay much less for a lower spec machine, but is it really worth it? I include high end PC's with my arcades because I want your investment to last the test of time. My machines are built to last, they won't become outdated or obsolete anytime soon and they provide you with endless expandability.

Can I upgrade the internal computer to something faster?

You can absolutely upgrade the arcades internal PC, although it may not be needed. If you'd like to upgrade the system memory, hard drive space and even video processor card, please contact us with your desired specs for a price quote.

What's the difference between your PC-based and Raspberry Pi based arcades?

This one's a bit difficult to answer. To compare a Raspberry Pi arcade system to a PC-based arcade is almost like comparing a 20-year old flip phone to a brand new iPhone of today. To start, a Raspberry Pi is a very simple computer the size of a credit card, making it ideal for small format arcades such as my Eos and Tyche model arcades. With a Raspberry Pi board handling the emulation, many of the retro arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Galaga and Space invaders are emulated quite well. Even many of the orignal retro gaming consoles such as the NES, Game Boy and Sega Genesis can be played without a hitch on a Raspberry Pi arcade. But when compared to the power and capability of a PC-based arcade, the Pi cannot compete. My Intel Core-i5 PC arcades are estimate to have over 17 times more processing power over a Raspberry Pi machine. Having a PC handle the emulation makes emulating more advanced systems such as the PlayStation 2, Sega Model 2 and 3, and GameCube possible. Power is everything when it comes to game emulation, which is the reason why my Raspberry Pi based system do not feature nearly as many games and systems when compared to my PC-based arcades.

ordering & shipping questions

What do I need to do to have you customize the arcades vinyl artwork?

As you may have seen, I include free custom vinyl graphic art with every arcade. Once an order is placed you, you can send me any and all example photos of what you'd like your arcade theme to look like. Once design/production begins on your machine, I'll contact you to discuss your design ideas. I'll then design your theme, send it over for you to critique and we'll go from there.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not ship any of our arcades internationally.

What kind of warranty or support do you offer?

Each arcade comes with a 6-month limited warranty. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in your new arcade. Click here for more details. Free technical support/troubleshooting is available for up to 1 year after purchase. Support is available during standard business hours, which are Monday thru Friday, 10AM-5PM MST (excluding all major US holidays).

What if my arcade becomes damaged during shipping?

In the event that damage occurs during shipment, rest assured that all arcades ship with courier insurance up to the dollar amount paid for an item. All arcades also ship with specific instructions to only accept a direct signature from the package recipient before a package can be successfully delivered. Having this delivery type enforced gives the customer an opportunity to open and inspect the arcade before signing for the delivery. In the event that any arcade or kit arrives damaged, the customer must open a claim with the shipping provider within 1 business day of your item being delivered. Playtime Arcades will not act as a liaison between the customer and the shipping carrier in regards to shipping/damage claims. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to cooperate with any and all requirements in a timely manner during the claim investigation process. NOTE: Arcades that require freight shipping (upright models only) have a $500 deductible that must be paid if an insurance claim is accepted. All deductibles are non-refundable and are the customers responsablity to pay before payout can occur from the insurance company.

What is your return policy?

All purchases can be returned within 14 days after your order has been successfully delivered. All returns must be in new or like new condition and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Buyer is also responsible for any return shipping costs, which are non-refundable. Click here for more details.

How does your free shipping work?

Every order with Playtime Arcades ships free within the contiguous United States via FedEx Ground or a freight carrier for some of my larger arcades. Insurance up to the dollar amount paid is also included with every order at no extra cost.

How long will it take to get my arcade?

Each arcade we create is custom & built-to-order. Current design, build and shipping times are based on the number of arcades / custom orders currently in or awaiting production as well as the method of payment chosen at the time of purchase. For more information, please click here.

Do you need full payment or can I put down a deposit?

Orders require a minimum of 25% down of the total cost to be placed. Although physical production on an arcade/order doesn't begin until some time later, all custom parts and supplies are purchased immediately. Going the route of requiring a depost ultimately helps prevents any potential situations where an on the fence client may back out of an order, leaving me with their custom parts bill and without work for their allotted production time slot.

Can I cancel my order after it's been placed?

All orders placed on or after 05/15/2019 are subject to a non-negotiable 15% cancellation fee of the total original payment made. "Why do you charge a cancellation fee?", you ask. Order cancellation fees are in place because, although production does not begin until much later after an order is placed, all materials needed to build an order are purchased immediately (buttons, joysticks, PC components, hard drives, monitors, plywood, etc.) and set aside to be used once production begins. Also, the time required to build an order is reserved and slotted in our production queue. If an order is cancelled, I am not only out the money used to purchase and store these materials/components, but also I am out of work for the time originally reserved/scheduled to build this order.

Do you charge sales tax on orders outside of Colorado?

I do collect sales, use and/or destination tax on orders where the recipient lives in a state that enforces these types of tax law. For example: If a customer residing in Maryland purchases one of my arcades, although the arcade is built inside of Colorado, Maryland law states that if I ship the item to a resident inside their jurisdiction, I must collect a "destination" tax percentage from this customer. Many, but not all, states operate on this same destination/use tax model. All taxes collected are submitted, in full, to their corresponding and required state revenue department. Playtime Arcades does not profit off of any taxes collected.

Playtime Custom Arcades FAQ

Arcade production questions

How long do your arcades take to build once in production?

Once production starts on an arcade/order, the design and build phase can usually take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. However, this time can change or extend depending on the complexity of the build or if multiple arcade units/orders are in production simultaneously.

I want my arcade much sooner. Can I pay for priority production?

To keep my production line fair and my paying customers happy, I do not accept requests for priority production. It would be unfair to accept money to bump waiting customers down in line for the benefit of another. This is a non-negotiable policy of mine.

What do I need to do to have my arcade graphics customized?

As you may have seen, I include free custom graphics with every order. Once an order is placed you, you can send me any and all example photos of what you'd like your arcade theme to look like. Once design/production begins on your machine, I'll contact you to discuss your design ideas. I'll then design your theme, send it over for you to critique and we'll go from there.

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