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Who is playtime Arcades?

Playtime Arcades is the work of a handful of creative men. We personally design, build, ship and support every single custom arcade that leaves our shop. When we started Playtime Arcades in 2017, we set a single goal - to create the very best in at-home video arcade machines. And since day one, we've put our heart and soul into achieving just that. Over the years, we've created some absolutely amazing custom arcades for customers ranging from pro athletes, Instagram & YouTube stars, sports/arcade bars, and even fortune 500 companies. But best of all, we've built arcades for everyday people, just like ourselves, who want to relive the golden age of arcade and console gaming.
Our arcades are not mass-produced nor generically built on an assembly line. Quite the opposite. Each and every arcade machine that leaves our shop is designed and built with the utmost precision, care, and passion. Does it take longer this way? Yes. But building these arcades isn't just our job or hobby - it's our dream.


Playtime Arcades | Arcade Machines Made in The USA


What playtime ARCADES offers that others don't


Free USA Shipping
As you may have noticed, other arcade websites are more than happy charging you steep shipping fees for their machines. Well, we're not a fan of that, to say the least. That's why we offer FREE ground/freight shipping within the contiguous United States. What you see is what you pay - period.

6 Month Warranty & free tech support
Every arcade we create is backed by a limited 6 month warranty. Also, each arcade purchase includes free technical support/troubleshooting for up to 1-year after your original purchase.

largest game librarIES available
Other arcade manufacturers can only offer you anywhere from a paltry 100 to 900 games on their systems. And if you want more, you'll have to either pay them extra for so-called "bolt-on" game packs, or you'll have to somehow search, find, download, install and set up extra games yourself. Not here. Our machines feature anywhere between 26,000+ to 67,000+ game titles. If you've been shopping around for an arcade, you'll see that there is absolutely no one who can match the number of titles we offer. Additionally, if you find a game that we don't already have let us know and we'll do our best to add it for you.

Every arcade we create is handmade here in the USA. We use only the finest, cabinet grade 3/4" maple plywood for constructing our arcades. Why is this important? Well, many arcade manufacturers use low strength material such as 1/2" to 3/4" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Particle Board or Melamine to construct their cabinets. Using this type of low-cost, low-strength material saves our competitors money, but ultimately sacrifices your arcades quality. We choose not to skimp on our arcades. Our cabinet-grade plywood arcade cabinets give your arcade over 10-20 times the capable stress load over any of our competitor's arcades, allowing your investment to withstand decades worth of use.

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You dream it, we design it. Each arcade we create is unique to the customer. We include free custom cabinet artwork with every single arcade purchase. 



Each PC-based arcade machine we create features a quad-core Intel Core-i5 processor under the hood. Many other arcade manufacturers offer much older & cheaper single or dual-core processors, which is OK. But we set the bar high. Very high. In other words, we give you a machine that runs like Ferrari rather than a Ford.



Not only do our PC-based arcades look awesome on the outside, but they're also just as amazing on the inside. Our exclusive and custom version of the infamous HyperSpin front-end menu system makes browsing your game titles just as fun as actually playing them. All menus feature HD art, HD preview videos, and even an optional & customizable audio soundtrack to listen to while browsing your available titles.

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