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Add a Light Gun
  • Add a Light Gun

    Want to play shooting games such as Police Trainer, House of the Dead and Time Crisis? Add a Solid Black AIMTRAK wired USB light gun and light bar to your new arcade (non-recoil). Can only be added to certain arcade models, please check the COMPATIBILITY section below before placing your order.

      • Emulates a USB mouse and game controller. No drivers required.
      • Accurate aim (after calibration) for games which do not have on-screen crosshairs.
      • Up to 2 guns can be used simultaneously.
    • This type of wired USB light gun can only be added to the following arcade models:

      • The Praetorian
      • The Cerus
      • The Helios
      • The Kratos
      • The Spartan
      • The Achilles
      • The Centurion
      • The Orion
      • The Ares
      • The Apollo
      • The Zeus
      • The Cerberus IV
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