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Add a Spinner

Add a Spinner

Forgot to include a spinner with your order? Add a black Spintrak USB Spinner to your custom arcade. Can only be added to certain arcade models, please check the "COMPATIBILITY" section below before placing your order.

    • Precision Rotary Control with an attractive annodized black Spinner Top
    • Highly specialized components provide the ultimate performance
    • One-Piece bearing housing/body CNC machined from a solid alloy billet
    • Dual sealed ball-bearing races give the ultimate in smooth control
    • Super-tough quality. Unit is manufactured by a supplier of encoders for high-speed motor usage and is almost identical to their industrial unit
    • Ultra-high resolution at an unbeatable 1200 pulses per revolution
  • This spinner can only be added to the following arcade models:


    • The Tyche
    • The Spartan
    • The Achilles
    • The Centurion
    • The Ares
    • The Apollo
    • The Zeus


    Please check your arcades compatibility above before placing your order.


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