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Add a Trackball

Add a Trackball

Forgot to include a trackball with your order? Add a 3" Solid White Suzo Happ Trackball to your new arcade. Can only be added to certain arcade models, please check the "COMPATIBILITY" section below before placing your order.

    • 3" White High Lip Trackball assembly
    • Highly specialized components provide the ultimate performance
    • Case is constructed of durable impact resistant polycarbonate plastic material that resists cracking
    • "Red Board" PCB has improved circuitry to guarantee an optimized performance signal both at low and high rpm speeds
    • Optic board utilizes surface mount technology and superior optics for increased reliability
    • Standard AMOA harness included. 
    • USB Output Included
  • This type of USB trackball can only be added to the following arcade models:


    • The Tyche
    • The Spartan
    • The Achilles
    • The Centurion
    • The Ares
    • The Apollo
    • The Zeus


    Please check your arcades compatibility before placing your order.


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