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The Orion | 2-Player Mini Upright Arcade
  • The Orion | 2-Player Mini Upright Arcade

    The Orion all-in-one upright arcade is my newest addition to my arcade lineup, designed for the user looking for an authentic, arcade-only game catalog. The Orion features a library of over 21,000+ arcade-only game titles, which includes virtually every arcade game created before the year 2000. Combine that with the machines high-end internal PC and it's exclusive HyperSpin front end gaming menu system, this arcade is truly a powerhouse, unlike anything you've ever seen before.


    Check out the GAME LIST section below for a complete list of game titles featured on this arcade.




      • Completely custom HyperSpin front end gaming menu system
      • Free custom-designed vinyl wrap/artwork included
      • Built-in 25" 1080p HD monitor
      • Intel Core i5 Processor with Authentic Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System
      • 4GB System RAM
      • 1GB DDR3 Graphics Processor
      • 1TB Solid State System and ROM Storage Drive
      • 30-Watt RMS 2.1 Audio System with bottom mounted sub-woofer
      • 6-button per player control panel
      • Front mounted Coin, Start, Enter & Exit admin buttons
      • 4/8-way switchable ZIPPYY cocktail style joysticks
      • Front mounted on/off power switch
      • Rear USB input
      • Built in 802.11n Wireless Adapter
      • LED back-lit Marquee
      • 3/4" Maple Plywood construction
      • 2 x front & rear accessible maintenance panels
      • Includes wireless keyboard and mouse
    PriceFrom $2,999.00

    Custom arcades machine

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