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The Tyche 2.0 | 2-Player Tabletop Arcade
  • The Tyche 2.0 | 2-Player Tabletop Arcade

    Introducing the Tyche 2.0! After the tremendous success of our original Tyche arcade, which quickly became our most popular video arcade machine, we are thrilled to announce its triumphant return. Previously discontinued in 2019 due to the chip shortage, we have revived this impressive arcade powerhouse to deliver an even more exhilarating gaming experience.


    The Tyche 2.0 has undergone significant enhancements, starting with the replacement of the internal Raspberry Pi. We have upgraded it with an Intel-powered Windows 11 PC, running Launchbox as the front end. This upgrade allows for the support of light guns, a feature that was unavailable in the original Raspberry Pi version. Additionally, the Tyche 2.0 now boasts two rear USB ports, allowing for the connection of up to 2 USB controllers, compared to the single port on the original Tyche.


    But that's not all! Our Tyche 2.0 comes equipped with full online capabilities, enabling you to enjoy your favorite classic retro games with a friend through RetroArch's Netplay. Whether you're craving the nostalgia of arcade classics or yearning for the handheld and console games of the past, the Tyche's extensive library has you covered. With over 20,000+ total games, including thousands of retro arcade games, Nintendo Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Sony PlayStation 1, and Sega Genesis titles, you'll find an endless source of entertainment for you and your family.


    Check out the GAME LIST section below for a complete list of game titles featured on this arcade.



      • Free custom vinyl wrap/artwork included
      • Intel 4-Core Mini PC inside
      • 512GB M.2 SSD OS & Game Storage drive featuring over 20,000 Games
      • Display on your own TV or Projector via HDMI Video/Audio Output (HDMI cable included)
      • 8-button per player control panel
      • Top mounted Coin & Start buttons
      • 8-way balltop style joysticks
      • Top mounted on/off power switch
      • Single Rear USB input (NOTE: Rear USB input will not be included when adding both a trackball & a spinner combination to your build)
      • Built-in 802.11 AC WiFi
      • Built-in Bluetooth
      • 3/4" Maple Plywood construction
      • Top flip-up maintenance panel
    PriceFrom $799.00

    Custom arcades machine

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