PAID IN FULL: 28-36 weeks





* The above listed estimated build start dates are best estimates only, based on the information available at the time and are subject to change without notice.

Current wait TIME & production list

Every arcade system I offer is completely customizable and made-to-order. Current production times are based on an orders payment method as well as the number of arcades/orders currently in line. Please view the list below to estimate lead time based on your desired method and amount of payment.


CURRENT production WAIT list

NOTE: The following dates listed in the EST. Build Start Date section are a best estimate as to when your arcade is expected to BEGIN production.  I alone build each arcade that leaves my shop from start to finish and I base these dates on my current work load. Please be aware that as my work load changes, dates may change unexpectedly and without notice. 

LAST UPDATED: 02/01/2021, 12:01PM MST

Production FAQ


Frequently asked questions

Why is your production lead time so long?

Since I started Playtime Arcades, I've been a single person running the entire operation. I alone designed, built, and maintain this website. I also soley maintain and run the businesses administrative side. And, most importantly, I single-handedly design, build, program, test, support and ship each and every arcade sold. Needless to say, I've got my hands full. I do understand that my wait times are not ideal and I aim to one day offer significantly shorter build times in the near future.

What does the est. build start date column mean?

This listed date shows the estimated* date that an order is scheduled to begin both the artwork design phase as well as the physical fabrication phase.

Can the est. build start date change?

Yes, my estimated build start dates can absolutely change without notice and is not intended to be used as a guaranteed date for your arcade to begin production. That being said, there have been times when the listed dates have changed due to occurrences such as unforeseen equipment failure, supply delays or backorders, custom hardware requests, or (most commonly) last-minute customer requests and changes on orders being produced prior to yours. Although these times are subject to change, I do everything in my power to complete all previous orders before I begin production on the next.

How long do your arcades take to build once in production?

Once production starts on an arcade/order, the design and build phase can usually take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. However, this time can change or extend depending on the complexity of the build or if multiple arcade units/orders are in production simultaneously.

I want my arcade sooner. Can I pay for priority production?

To keep my production line fair and my paying customers happy, I do not accept requests for priority production. It would be unfair to accept money to bump waiting customers down in line for the benefit of another. This is a non-negotiable policy of mine.

I don't want to pay in full, can I order with just a deposit instead?

Orders require a minimum of 25% down of the total cost to be placed. Although physical production on an arcade/order doesn't begin until some time later, all custom parts and supplies are usually purchased immediately. Going the route of requiring a minimum depost ultimately helps prevent potential situations where an on the fence client may back out of an order, leaving me footing the bill for their custom parts bill and without work for their allotted production time slot.

What do the order statuses mean?

  • Pending Production orders are on hold for previous builds to complete before production can begin.
  • Awaiting Customer Response orders are awaiting response from the customer on matters such as artwork design approval or payment for any after sale add-on's or requests.
  • In Production orders are currently being designed and/or built.
  • Ships on or before orders are in the last stages of being built and/or tested before being packed and shipped to the customer. An estimated ship date should be accompanied by this status.
  • Awaiting Carrier Pickup orders are completed builds awaiting scheduled pickup via the shipping carrier (usually within the next few business days).

Playtime Custom Arcades Production FAQ

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